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 banner ad vidoe buttonGo to a Pow Wow, sample Louisiana sugar cane rum, sleep in a bank and hold a baby alligator in the palm of your hand. Sound like fun? Then check out Jefferson Davis Parish.There is so much to see and do in Jefferson Davis Parish and if you are like me, you will want to takes some extra time to explore the back roads and check out all the sites.

A Perfect place to begin a tour of Jeff Davis Parish is at the visitor’s center, located just off interstate highway 10 at the Jennings Exit, especially if you’ve got alligators on your mind.

At the Gator Chateau you can hold baby alligators and learn about these incredible creatures. They have big gators too and you can watch them being fed.

If you want to see gators in their natural habitat, there are plenty of lakes and bayous where you can catch a glimpse of a gator or two. The Lorraine Street Bridge located on the Flyway/Byway trail is a perfect place to go gator watching.

If you like the water you will want to spend some time in Lake Arthur. It is a great place to catch a beautiful Louisiana sunrise. It is also the home of the historic LA Bar where you can find authentic Cajun music and nothing beats the food at the nearby Regatta LA Seafood and Steakhouse which is accessible by land, sea and air- yes seaplanes often dock there.

Lake Arthur is a picturesque community with a main street perfectly frozen in time and is the perfect place to kick back and relax as you explore the back roads and hidden treasures of the area.

Watch our story and click on the Jeff Davis logo for all the latest that the area has to offer.



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